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Palo Alto

StanfordHome to Stanford University, Palo Alto is the heart and soul of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture and culture of innovation. Downtown Palo Alto offers a wide variety of restaurants, boutiques, and specialty shops. University Avenue hosts the headquarters of Accel Partners as well as many young technology start-ups that wish to grow into the next PayPal, Google, or Facebook – all three were once headquartered on this street. Enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee in downtown Palo Alto, you will be energized by the exchange of ideas between venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, and Stanford students.

Palo Alto residents enjoy the city’s energy, the park-like environment, and the close interaction with neighbors. Residential streets are beautifully lined with tall trees and homes with a wide variety of architectural styles. Palo Alto’s public schools – Palo Alto High and Gunn High – are consistently ranked among the highest in the nation. Homes here have enjoyed higher than average appreciation in the past few decades. Different parts of Palo Alto offer a wide variety of lifestyles – from urban to suburban.

Famous residents include the late Steve Jobs and Tim Cook of Apple, Larry Page of Google, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Pros: highest prestige, best downtown, proximity to Stanford, spiritual heart of Silicon Valley, best schools
Cons: expensive price per square foot, smaller lots