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Atherton2Atherton’s zip code, 94027, is the most expensive zip code in the country. Beautiful estates, new prestigious mansions, and mature trees are the characteristics of this affluent bedroom community. Historically, Atherton was a sunny summer getaway for wealthy San Franciscans to escape their summer fog. In recent years, ranch style single-story homes have been replaced by two-story mansions with sparkling pools, tennis courts, spas, and other luxurious amenities. Atherton is exclusively residential with no commercial properties. Homes in Atherton typically sit on large parcels that are one acre (4,047 square meters) or larger. Atherton’s 7,000 residents enjoy secluded country lifestyle while being a stone’s throw away from the excitement of more urban places like Palo Alto or Menlo Park.

Famous Atherton residents include Eric Schmitt of Google, Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard and formerly eBay, and Marc Andreesen of Netscape and Andreesen Horowitz.

Pros: large and secluded lots, larger homes
Cons: little availability, lack of urban feel