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Silicon Valley

Invest in Silicon Valley Prestige

SVHP, Apple, eBay, Google, Oracle, Intel, Facebook… the biggest names in technology have changed the world and created tremendous wealth for their founders and investors. All these companies were born in Silicon Valley.

Located south of San Francisco, Silicon Valley is the economic engine of the San Francisco Bay Area, and the birthplace of innovative companies. It is the world’s top location for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas, get financed, recruit top talent, and grow from an idea into tremendous success. Silicon Valley is the best of America: high education (led by Stanford and Berkeley, top global universities), a culture of high growth, and openness to top global talent (about 40% of Silicon Valley’s residents were born outside of the US versus the 13% national average).

Silicon Valley real estate prices have enjoyed robust growth as a result of the successful high tech companies. Palo Alto, in particular, has had an average 10% annual growth rate over the past forty years, which is 4% higher than the nationwide average, and 7% higher than the American GDP growth. Buying a home in Silicon Valley is a good investment, as successful entrepreneurs want to be close to work, and outsiders want to buy in to the prestige of the area. There is very limited supply of homes for sale compared to the strong demand.

Residents in Silicon Valley enjoy a high quality of life. The area is blessed with mild weather, abundant sunshine, and is surrounded by oceans and mountains. Close proximity to the world-renowned Napa Valley, Pebble Beach Resort and Lake Tahoe provides a wide variety of options for entertainment and outdoor activities. There are three nearby international airports serving the area.

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